She looked over her shoulder at him. “What is that? What do you want more?” her voice still shook with fear, as it would for the rest of the night she was certain.

"I want to know who the Chesapeake Ripper really is and maybe find out why it was so damned important that I play his role," Abel placed his hands on the psychiatrist’s newly padded shoulders. "There. Shall we go now? I haven’t been on a date for years. Feels good to get out of the house.”


She nodded softly and gestured to the chair it sat on. “I won’t try anything. I promise.” her voice was quiet, filled with fear once again.

Abel stepped around her, reaching down and taking the woolen coat. “Good. Because as much as I want to see a bit of justice for the wrongs done to me, there is one thing I want more.” He swung the coat around and laid it over Frederika’s shoulders like a cape, buttoning the top and delicately squaring it on her shoulders. 

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She stopped her struggle immediately. If there was any chance for her to survive then she would do whatever it took. 

"There now. Isn’t that so much better?" He slid his hand from around Frederika’s neck and dropped it to her hand, wrapping her fingers around her wrist. "We’re going to take a little drive, Frederika." He told her gently pulling both arms behind her back. With one hand he held them in place while his other pulled out a pair of handcuffs out of a coat pocket and clicked them in place. 

"We wouldn’t want you trying anything silly while we were on our road trip," he smiled, turning her body slightly so she could see him. "Do you have a coat? Wouldn’t want you getting cold. The winter this year is very bitter."


Frederika would’ve continued to be angry if it weren’t for the fingers around her throat. Her hands came up immediately to claw at his, attempting to scream as well. She couldn’t of course, but even if she could it wasn’t as if anyone would hear her. As she gasped for breath she realized; Abel Gideon was going to kill her right here.

"Don’t struggle, doctor," he growled into her ear. "This will go so much easier if you, for once in your life, follow direction and be good. Who knows," Abel chuckled. "You might even live through this."

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Her fear went away long enough for her to grit her teeth and respond “I didn’t sleep with anyone to get my job, Abel.” She fixed her posture back to how it was while she roamed the halls of the institution: back straight and head held high. “I’m calling the police.”

"Riiiiight," Rolling his eyes Abel doesn’t believe it. Just smart enough to apply gained knowledge, but not smart enough to figure out complex problems; Fredericka Chilton either had to be screwing just the right people, or screwing with just the right people. There were also rumors floating around that Chilton had “fun” with her doped up prisoners in her therapy sessions. Abel always did wonder if he was one of those. 

And Chilton has finally screwed with the wrong person. 

Abel lunged forward and grabbed her wrist with his right hand and wrapped the fingers of his left around her throat. “No, no, Frederika you’re not.”


Her breath caught in her throat. “Abel, please.” She said quietly, her voice shaking with fear now. “Don’t kill me." Frederika held back tears as she pleaded with him. She didn’t want to die like this, not young and at the hands of one of her patients. 

Humming and tipping his head back and forth, Abel seemed to consider it. “You’re a danger to the public in general, doctor,” he decided, taking a deep breath and gazing at the psychiatrist. “It’s a wonder how you managed to get to your position. How many did you sleep with on your way to the top?”

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Fresh Scars || Closed preHannibal AU



The doctor scanned the file folder quickly, just to refresh his memory. Ah, yes, the young woman who had her throat cut in a violent attack. Abel Gideon had to reattach severed muscles and repair her trachea. Thankfully the knife had managed to miss her main artery and vein, much of the slice coming in at the left side of her neck.

"Lucy!" Abel threw on a smile as he pushed the door open to the examination room. "How are you doing?" he asked, dropping the manilla folder on a counter next to a canister of cotton balls and tongue depressors.

Lucy, like most people in her family, had hard time trusting people. But she had been extremely thanks to Doctor Gideon for what he had done for her “Hello Dr. Gideon! ” she said “About the same. I just haven’t been back to Collinwood since Gabriel still wants to kill me.” she said

"Haven’t captured him yet, then," the doctor said, sliding the stethoscope from around his neck and setting it on the counter next to the file. "I’m truly sorry, I can’t imagine the fear you must be feeling."

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She was working late again, mostly because she always felt more at home in a morgue than in her own apartment.  But she was getting fatigued, and starting to lose focus. She put down her tools and cleaned up for the time being, deciding to go for a walk for a moment.

Most of the residents were asleep.  But not Abel.  He seemed to stay up as late as she did most nights.

"The crickets wanted me to tell you to go to bed."



"Wendigo? What is a wendigo?" His gaze fell back to the dark wood, then he caught onto something she said. "Someone eating their own kind? As in a cannibal?"

She nods.

"It’s an Algonquian legend, especially in the regions where it gets cold and desolate in the winter.  The legend was that those who would consume the flesh of another human would eventually turn into a Wendigo, and would forever crave the taste, killing to satiate it’s hunger.  But all legends come from somewhere, some little truth.”

"For something like that to be this far East, well….it’s attracted to something."

Abel took a deep breath and looked back to the small strand of woodland. “Ah,” he drolled, casting his blue eyes up at the glittering stars high above. “I think I might know why it’s in Baltimore… The reason being the Chesapeake Ripper.”

Escaped || Closed




The former surgeon had a small smile on his lips. Doctor Chilton was brave and full of bravado when restrains were secured and guards were about. Abel wondered if she would hold that same temperament when there were no bars between them. He was willing to bet that the answer was no.


"Good evening, Doctor Chilton. My, you look so small off your dias."

Frederika’s blood chilled at the sight of him. As soon as she had heard the news of Abel’s escape, she knew he’d come for her. It had only been a matter of time before she was proven correct.


"Good evening, Abel." she tried to keep her voice calm, failing however as it shook slightly. 

"Doctor Chilton," he purred, stepping closer to her. "Whatever is to be done with you? Mmm?" Abel listed his head to the side and briefly widened his eyes. 

"Poke at my brain, pump me full of drugs and fill my head full of lies. All of these come immediately to mind as sins that you have personally committed against me.” Grinning, the escaped patient sighed. “Now what shall be your penance?”